hey guys. lately ive been having a look at replacement pickups for hard rock styles, and ive considered many options, seymour jbs, distortions, alt.8s, bare knuckle nailbombs, miracle mans, holy divers, painkillers, and so on.

many of those pickups interest me but i havent found many demonstrations of them with a sound i really like and this is down to youtubers having a different setup to me, or so i believe. i do however REALLY like the tone that airbourne get on their runnin wild record, and i know they have a very similar setup to me (gibsons through marshalls with no effects -/- epiphone through master volume marshall with few effects, distortion from amp)

now ive tried looking for anything providing information on what pickups they use but all i know is that david roads (rhythm) uses a seymour duncan bridge pup (although i dont know which one) and that joel o'keeffe (lead/lead vocals) has replaced his bridge pup, although its covered so i cant be sure which one. i know its a replacement as gibson explorers come fitted with two uncovered ceramic pickups and i suspect it would be the same one that david uses.

if anyone can shed any light on this then please do, failing that ill probably assume its a jb lol it makes most sense

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