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Question for you... My jack has a short in it somewhere... it crackles when moved. I'm in the process of replacing it with a sweet gold plated one i found from Korea. My problem is that they are slightly different. The soldering section of the one that is attached to my Ibanez has 3 prongs, with a wire soldered to the apparent large ground prong, and the other wire attached to the shorter of the 3 prongs, leaving one mid level prong with no wires attached.

This new Jack i bought from Korea has a total of 4 different leveled prongs. I know where my ground wire is going to go... I have absolutely no idea which prong to attach the main wire to. Maybe it doesn't matter, maybe it does. I thought i would post just in case while my soldering iron ships so i don't shock the s**t out of myself.

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Well, i'm now back to square 1... the diagram for my specific model (sz4020fm) isn't up...

Anyone else have some input for me?
It seems like Ibanez's wiring diagram site is having issues... Could some one please help me with this. Is this commonly the same for most guitars? Or does it vary quite a bit?

that's a stereo jack.

simple 2 prong jack.

both cases the ground goes to inner most lug.

if you were to put the hot on the wrong one, you wont get zapped.
you could just move it.

blue lugs. should be similar on your little lugs there.

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