hey my local bestbuy is selling a billy corgan sig. strat for 1000$ is this a good price? have yall played it and what do yall think? thanks so much
Read a good review about them in Total Guitar. Only major difference from a regular strat is that the BC sig strat has a fixed bridge and dimarzio pickups

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The Billy Corgan Strat is a good guitar. I've played two of them and if I were looking for another Strat, I would seriously consider one. The guitar is essentially a Fender Highway One Strat with three DiMarzio single-coil sized humbuckers and a non-tremolo bridge.
The neck is just fine, like any other Highway One Strat (I own two of those and like them better than my old American Standard). The bridge and neck pickups are DiMarzio "Billy Corgan Model humbuckers," and they are pretty high-gain. The guitar has a DiMarzio Chopper in the middle. The whole setup sounded very good and played very well. If you are looking for a U.S.A.-made Strat with powerful tone and no tremolo, you would be hard pressed to find a better bargain.

Incidentally, long before Fender released the Corgan Strat, I loaded both of my Highway One Strats with Duncan Hot Rails humbuckers and hardtailed the bridges, so maybe I can claim it was my idea first?
idk maybe haha, and thanks so much i will be getting it soon. do u like the white one?