Wrote the first two parts last week, finished this today. Had a thread for the first part (wasn´t planning to make a suite then), but I´d get so incredibly messy if I posted this there so here goes.

The third part, the waltz, is meant to combine the style/material of the first two parts and add some new elements.

First time writing a suite, not sure if it feels coherent and interesting enough - criticism on that is much welcome.

It´s not the most original piece, since it was partly done as a composition exercise.


If you like it, feel free to drop a comment on youtube!

EDIT: added scores
Rondo in A minor.pdf
Minuet in C.pdf
Waltz in A minor.pdf
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These three pieces were excellent! My favorite was the Rondo in A minor. The only thing i would like to comment on, as you said it yourself, they are not very original sounding. I mean, they are originals, but kind of "mainstream" in a way. I don't mean that to be offensive, i still loved listening to it. everybody is too busy writing death metal songs, this was gold. What kind of virtual instruments did you use? they sounded pretty good. If you ever continue working on these, or get them recorded, let me know, i really enjoyed it. Thanks.