Yet again guys i need your help.

im in the market for a new amp, and after months of looking i think ive found one. The ac30cc2. however after doing some for extensive research i am beggining to doubt myself. my first and main concern is the lack of channel swithing.

My band play, foo fighters come angles and airwaves come kings of leon come killers, sort of rock. i.e. indie/classic rock kinda stuff. (clearly having trouble describing here). with the nature of these styles i need the ability to switch from clean, to distortion/drive, and if im right i can not do this.

I would really love to have this amp. what are my options?
I dont get how the whole AB-Y box thing works or would work in my circumstances, or
my other option is run pedals? <--- is that a good idea, which ones should/could i run with the ac30.

any help at all would be much apprichiated,
Thanks, Wheeler
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Could do what Brian May does, have amp all way up and go from clean/dirty(loud) using volume on your guitar.
AC30's are good amps in my opinion, great sounding.
Guitar volume is a really good way to do it, and an A/B box is extremely simple. With the A/B, you run one cable into the clean channel and one into the dirty channel and then step on the pedal to select which line the guitar runs down. I've heard of a ton of people doing this.
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Just buy an overdrive pedal?
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make sure you try it out before you buy it, i had my heart set on one and then i tried it out extensively and it just doesn't have the balls i thought it would. the older UK ones or the hand wired version are great though but they don't have a master volume or sepearate channels so you need to push it to insane volume levels to get it to sound good, but at those volumes it is amazing.

i would think a mesa of sort sort would fit the bill nicely for what you are playing.
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i would think a mesa of sort sort would fit the bill nicely for what you are playing.

thanks for all the feedback guys, you are really helping.

unfortunatly mate, i dont have that amount of money to spend, though i would love a messa

what settings would you guys reccomend and what pedals would you guys use.