So I have an epiphone les paul custom I want to know would it be possible/ not outrageously priced to get active pickups and have someone install them. I am wanting to know because the pickups that are in that suck the big one compared to my fender telecaster 72 deluxe.
well, what active pickups do you want?
..there's lots of good passive pickups out there, too.

and for the price, you'll have to ask a shop that..they're the ones charging you.

although, if you go with EMG's, they've come out with a new solderless install thing.. basically, everything just plugs into something else, instead of having soldered connections. that'd make it easier to do yourself, and you could avoid paying someone at a shop to do it for you.

but I'd recommend looking into installing them yourself, no matter what kind of pickups you get. especially if you plan on doing modding in the future, soldering is a good skill to have
They run off a 9v battery and it will fit in the control cavity with the pots. Just make sure you cover it with something so it doesn't touch anything and cause it to short out.

Like james4 said there are lots of good passive pickups out there, too. Check some of them out too before buying actives. I agree on the learning to solder thing too. It'll save you money (possibly alot of) in the long run.
I was just asking I haven't listened to any I was just seeing what all my options were in terms of new pickups