So it's black friday, and I am in need of a gig worthy amp for under or a little over 400$, including the black friday sales/discount.

I have a Fender standard hss stratocaster (mexican).

Here is what I am looking for:
-An amp that won't break or give me any technical problems.
-Can go up to a loud volume, medium sized gig worthy?
-Sounds perfect when played on a low and loud volume. No random fuzzes, sounds, weird odd noises.
-Has a perfect clean channel that I can mess around with knobs like treble/high and bass/low along with the other assorted knobs. I would also like to be able to add gain to the clean channel. Music to sound like: Radiohead songs, Minus the bear (clean tap guitar), Modest Mouse, and other trippy kind of clean sounds, etc.
-Has a perfect gain/drive/distortion channel. I don't really listen to metal or 80's rock. Im going for the new indie type sound, but would also like to be able to play zeppelin, hendrix, beatles, and other 60's 70's bluesy rock. Radiohead type songs with gain. They vary. So i want to be able to sort of mess around with the sound until I find what I want, but doesnt sound lame. hahah

Overall, what is/find me a good amp that is in my price range, will play the type of stuff I want to play and will sound good quiet or loud?!
I was looking into marshal and line 6.
PLEASE NO CRATE amps hahaha.

Thanks a lot!
I think you're going to have to make a few compromises man, because that's quite a bit to ask for all in one amp under $400
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so.... you want a completely reliable amp with unlimited headroom, that has perfect cleans and perfect drive, that is loud as any amp...

for 400 dollars..

Bracing for disappointment.
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alright. Scatch the gig worthy for loudness. I just want to be able to play with my drummer loud enough to here myself over the drums if I wanted. CLOSE to perfect clean and CLOSE to perfect drive that i can mess around with to get the sound I want.

Maybe a bit better?
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alright. Scatch the gig worthy for loudness. I just want to be able to play with my drummer loud enough to here myself over the drums if I wanted. CLOSE to perfect clean and CLOSE to perfect drive that i can mess around with to get the sound I want.

Maybe a bit better?

Use the extra $100 to buy a replacement speaker for it and you'll have pretty much exactly what you want.


Well I've been looking at a Marshall micro stack. Rather than 2 4x12 cabs it has 2 1x10 cabs.
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Might i suggest the 75 watt solid state Peavey Vypyr, easily louder than an unmic'd drummer

12 amp models each with a clean and distortion, setting pre and post EQ gain controls, dozens of effects which you can use a foot pedal to cycle through


the foot pedal is an extra hundred bucks but definitely worth it
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Any of these. Just try them out before hand. If your looking for a great clean amp then you really can't beat a good fender. You could probably talk alot of them down on the prices too. Not many people out there are looking to buy gear but a whole lot need to sell to pay the bills so prices are going down on used gear alittle bit lately I've noticed.

Plus, these amps are better than anything you'll get new for that price.
Line 6 does the job pretty well, it's a versatile amp. I don't play one any more since I bought a Mesa Rectoverb with summer savings, but I used an Epiphone Les Paul Standard with it and I could get any sound I wanted with it.
$400 can get you a decent Line 6 amp. If you have an extra $100-200, then get a Spider Valve.
Alright so the Peavey Vypyr 2x12 looks sick! Is there a difference between the 100watt and the 75watt in features? AND

what would sound better to my preference and can someone tell me the difference between the Vypyr 100 100w 2x12 and the Vypyr tube 60 60w 1x12 ?

The lower end Fenders seem right up your alley for Minus the Bear and Modest Mouse, clean Radiohead.
For Radiohead's distortion, you may need a distortion pedal, (an OD may not be enough due to the ridiculously high headroom of Fender amps, although I am not too sure. Most people prefer an overdrive with tube amps, as opposed to distortion pedals) Jonny used/uses a Marshall Shredmaster with Radiohead, I believe.
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