Not sure if this is the right forum or not to post this but here it goes.
So, I'm gonna start recording my own stuff, and I was just wondering about a couple pieces of equipment.

The Firepod 10.
That acts as an interface so I can get a signal onto the computer from instruments/whatever, right?

Line6 Pod x3 Pro.
Can this act as an interface, or can it only be used with the Firepod or any other interface?

PreSonus Eureka.
From what I've read, that has only one input, how would that work with the Firepod? Say if you're recording an acoustic guitar, and you have multiple mics set up. And you want it to go through the Eureka, how could that happen?

I have lots of questions so I'm probably gonna keep coming back with more. Thanks. :]
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The Recordings & Riffs-forum, which this is a sub-forum to, is most likely the right place. You could ask a mod to move your thread there.