Well. After taking quite a long hiatus on playing, I've got back into it (thankfully) and am looking to suit my needs/wants better.

What are my needs/wants you ask? I mainly play on the heavier side (technical, brutal, death metal; deathcore; metalcore; progressive; and post-hardcore mainly). So therefore I drop-tune a lot, and use thicker strings. It also means I use more than 6 strings (or I would if I had more than 6 strings), preferably 8, switch pick-up settings often, and other such things metal-heads (and mayhaps nonmetal-heads) know and can suggest based on.

Oh, and, I gig (or, rather, am about to start with my new band).

I currently have a PRS Standard 24, which I am happy with... But if there's better, there's better.

As far as budget... I don't want to give a concrete budget, but I will say I'm not made of money and I'm also looking to buy a new amp. So let's keep suggestions reasonable, plox. :]
Well, I'd say you have the guitar side of thing all locked down...PRS is great for what you want to do. In my opinion, a JCM800 half stack sounds amazing paired with that PRS. Not sure if that would fit your budget though.
Meh. PRS are amazing, true. But they're a "jack of all trades" type of thing. They also don't do 7 or 8 strings, nor does the pick-up switching suit live playing (knob turning ftl).