Hey, I play my acoustic guitar for fun and like to sing along, and i just like goofy weird songs, like straight out of compton by NWA. So i was just hoping to get so recommendations for weird songs or just unconventional songs to play on my acoustic with tabs or chords. Im an okay player but i dont really want anything that would take a couple of days to learn.

lol.. straight outta compton is gangster rap silly child

Tenacious D
Stephen Lynch
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Hahha... simple answer... Tenacious D

Haha... man, how did I know that all of the other answers would have Tenacious D??? lol... Me myself, I'm not a gigantic fan, but they are out there for chuckles . And yes, they swear a ridiculous amount XD.

**** Her Gently is epic... lol. I sung it to my girlfriend, and she lawled all day, lol.
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ben folds - bitches aint shit
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yeah but B-52s suck and Peter Griffin is pure gold.


Happy holidays you bastard - Blink 182
Boyz in tha hood - NWA cover by Dynamite hack