*facepalm* So today I was seting up my practice amp, because My Spider III is too big, so I practice through a little Marshall Lead 12 with a Digitech Rp70 in the front(no effects loop), with two identical 20 foot cables(remember that part, it's important). Anyway, today I set up my practice rig, but my sound was just a dry amp tone. As if the RP weren't there at all. I begin to panic. "What's happened to my RP?" "Did I break it?" "Damn Digitech." I check everything I can think of. I switch the cables on the pedal, thinking I'd plugged them in backwards. I open the pedal and blow the dust out. I check for a burnt smell. Nothing. Same results. Something even possesed me to plug a set of ear buds into the headphone jack, and to my further horror the only sound coming from the buds was a high pitched whine. Finally, I gave up. I unplugged my guitar from the pedal input and decided to play dry. And the amp STILL MADE NOISE!!!
My first instinct was to be freaked out. But then like a large block of ice it dawned on me. I had just made the noobiest mistake I'd ever made. I had accidentaly run one cable from the guitar to the amp, and the other from the pedal in to the pedal out. Because the cables were identical I had no idea I'd done it.
I am shamed. As my title says, I've been playing guitar for 6 years, and I've been using pedals pretty regularly for about 4 of those years. This wasn't ignorance, just stupidity. LOL

Anybody got a story like this?
buying a spider iii is kind of a worse mistake than your lead thingie if you ask me =p

i've played half a gig wondering why my treble was so high, until i wanted to use my wah. i clicked my wah, and my treble went back to normal, it had been on for half a show.
also, my singer didn't know why her guitar was sounding weird. she was plugged in a mesa boogie with my pod xt live, and it took longer than my wah thing until i went to check and realise she had put the gain on 10 and all EQ at 0
putting an SD hot rails in my american standard tele then getting a my marshall DSL. I had a shitty solid state practive amp that i couldnt get any gain out of except using a humbucker. Got the pick up changed and then got the tube amp. No more brightness . . .
Well, in my first ever gig I played half a song with my Les Paul before realising I'd hit the pickup selector switch and swapped to a muted pickup. I'd been really rockin' out too, with a silent guitar..definitley a facepalm moment
i made a noobier mistake. plugged my guitar in, turned my amp on an no sound came out. i start to freak, check if all the cables are plugged in correctly, nothing happened. i test it on another amp, used other cables and still no sound came out so i'm thinking my guitar was f**ked.
then i realize the volume knob on the guitar was on 0. it took me about 30 minutes to find that out.
My band had just finished setting up at our first show and the singer/guitarist started playing the opening chords to our Where Is My Mind cover and I started panicking when I noticed that my amp wasn't on and the switch was at 'on'. I froze up and then ran over to the singer and stopped him. I had forgotten to plug my amp in.
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The volume knob on the guitar being at zero always results in panic

And lols at band practice. I was practicing today, jamming on a riff this guy had bought in. It was all going well and so we were like "Can we go over the break down again", so this guy grabs a mic, does some ridiculous growl, screams "1,2,3,4" and then slams out an open C. Only for no sound to come due to his volume being at 0.
I plugged my cable into my headphone jack and I couldn't figure out why there was no sound. And wiring my pedal backwards and thinking it was broken.

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Once when I was practicing at my church, I set my bass and pedal up, and started playing. I got no noise. Worried, I thought that my cable was broken, which would suck, because it's my best cable. As I went to plug my bass straight into the mixer, I noticed something when unplugging, the output cable was going into the input, and the input cable was in the output.
tried tuning my Razorback with the tuning pegs ... forgetting that i tightened the nut

Buying a Razorback *facepalm*
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