my gear is in my sig.. i need a heavier tone for my new amp and i was just wanted to post to make sure the ibanez ts9 would be a good boost on my gain channel.. and just to make sure i'm on the right track as i'm a noob to boost/OD... you just play it on the OD channel with the pedal on ight
yes you can. the TS9 is not so much a clean boost.

rather, it adds it's own clipping into the mix so it CAN tighten up your low end if you set it right.
I personally wouldn't use one. It depends on what you mean by "heavier" tone. If you just mean more gain, then yes the TS9 can add more gain, but at the same time, it has a noticeable bass cut, so in that sense, it's not really going to add any heaviness, just more saturation. The HT5 already sounds thin and lacking in low end as it is, I really do not know much a TS9 is going to help.
A TS9 will work fine. Mid hump, bass cut... these things can be taken care of with good eqing skills.
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Maybe the TS9+ (I think that's the name for the 4 knob version). It has a mode that gives a bit of boost to your low end as well as adding some saturation.
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