im getting an Ibanez RGEX1 from GC after christmas (dont tell me to buy another guitar, ive made up my mind) after christmas because im just gonna get a $hit load of money cuz my family cant get down to the states before christmas, owell. anyways i would only have to pay about 80$-100$ for the guitar, and i thought while im there i should buy a classical guitar cuz i dont have one yet. but then it clicked that my amp aint the greatest (Line 6 Spider 3 15) and i thought maybe i should get a new amp instead. unfortunately my budget is relatively low, approx. 200$ i dont know what amp i would get but i figured out what classical guitar, its an Ibanez GA5 (150$) and i would just re string it left handed cuz its easy on classicals. so i was wondering what you guys think: classical guitar, or new amp. thnx
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