For the last like hour I've been trying to tune my guitar but the problem is I get the low E in tune go to another string, tune it, go back to the E and its massively flat, so I said ( insert word here ) it, and tuned each string and and I left it for like 10 minutes, I came back and notice my bridge is sticking up like hardcore ( space of about 2-3 centimeters between body and string ).

I don't know if I would have to set my strings in the back..since it's my first time ever restringing it. Thanks in advance.
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Hope this helps. If you scroll down to the last part of madpickin03's post theres a video link to show you what to do.
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With a FR, you dont tune each string to pitch individually. You should tune it E-e A-B D-G, and if the other strings are way out, you need to tune them to above the pitch you want, otherwise they will go out as soon as you touch another tuner.
Here's a good guide on tuning

And if the trem isnt level
http://www.ibanezrules.com/tech/setup/angle.htm (The actual guide is at the bottom)