Can anybody point out some advantages between the two? I'm interested in buying one, but I don't know which :/ I'm a big Eric Clapton fan, but does the Eric Clapton Stratocaster actually sound like Clapton and feel the same as his? Thanks
Bands I've Seen

Robert Randolph and The Family Band
Eric Clapton
Letz Zep
Arc Angels
Eric Clapton (At the Royal Albert Hall ;D)
Joe Bonamassa
Eric Clapton & Jeff Beck (at the O2 arena ;D)
The Bootleg Beatles
Last I checked, his vintage guitar had the 7.25" radius, the signature model has 9.25". the 9.25" helps with bending.

Will you sound like Clapton?
Possibly, do you have all the gear he uses/used throughout the years? Whether it feels the same, it's objective. Not all guitars are the same, even if it's meant to have the same specs.
unless you have his amp and fingers, you wont sound like him.

oh and a few drugs....
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I doubt anyone here can tell you if an Eric Clapton Sig Strat feels like Eric Clapton's actual guitar. Are you asking about the Fender Artist Series Clapton Sig? Or the Custom Shop Clapton Strat? OR the Blackie Custom Shop replica? I assume you're asking about the Artist Series Strat. I'd say that the differences aren't worth the extra money. An American Deluxe should be built just as well, and I actually prefer the modern touches on the AmDeluxe Series. The Clapton sig has Vintage machine heads, bridge, and frets, with a mid boost. I prefer the frets, tuners, and bridge on the AmDeluxe. A mid boost can easily be added to any guitar. The weakness on both guitars IMO is the noiseless pups. Don't like 'em.

Play them both and decide if the Sig is worth the extra money. Personally I'd go for the AmDeluxe, actually I already have.