IVe been playing for a year or so now and im having trouble learning whole entire songs. All i do is learn the main riff or beginning of a song by looking up the tab and idk.. i just seems like all i know is a million begginings or parts of songs... and i try to learn whole songs but idk its just either to hard and i cant or like idk... idk what to do.
I dont understand, just learn a whole song. Somthing simple, like blink or green day songs?
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well ive only been playing for a year and i do know like some whole songs but idk not really... i know like "what i got" by sublime and "crazy game of poker" by oar pretty good but idk its just seems like other people i know can just learn something so easily and idk its hard for me to learn whole songs it seems... like once i learn the main part of a song ill be pretty satisfied with that and sometimes wont even look at the rest haha
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I dont understand, just learn a whole song. Somthing simple, like blink or green day songs?

ok well what blink songs are simple... i know some greenday ones are but idk it seems like alot of blink songs can be kinda hard as far as a whole song... i know the main riff to whats my age again... and like the intro to dammit... idk i guess my problem is actually learning what the rest of the song is and how to do it... like the way i learn a song is pretty much all through tabs and alot of tabs i find are retarded and arent even right so its just kinda hard
hey dude, i was in your positition a while ago, its fine not to learn a whole lot of full songs, i can probably only play three, but learning solos, intros and stuff is fine. i learned to play metal and hardcore by learning bits and pieces of songs. my guitar teacher never taught me that. the best thing to do, is learn a lot of different styles, and even if it means not learning full songs, learn as many different styles as you can and make incredibly pwnage songs.
Dude, learning a whole song can be a huge project. Dude, I had the same problem for my first year or two playing guitar, just take it slow. I've suggested this to someone else on this thread, a song that really helped me progress in learning songs is "Orion" by metallica. Also, don't stick to just one song, don't neglect it either, but temporarily moving on to something else worked great for me. Also, really listen to songs and try to play along.

Another intermediate song to learn is Mouth for war by Pantera.

Last but not least, it takes time, patience, concentration, and a lot of devotion.