Hi all,

Here's my cover of Cliffs of Dover


Its still a little bit sloppy in some bits, but I would love some feedback on my playing and tone.


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Awesome playing dude. Some parts were a bit sloppy, like you said, such as a stray open string ringing out but that's negligible. As far as tone goes, my only nitpick would be that it sounds a bit, strangled. I don't know if it's Youtube or the mic, but I'd say use some compression on there.

But it deserves 5 stars either way

Crit mine?

Hey thanks for commenting on my John Mayer cover. Nice cover you've got here. Tone is quite good though obviously itd sound better if a better recording method were used but not to worry.

As for playing, it was good, apart from the odd open string as others have said. One other thing i picked up on is you seemed to end certain licks pretty abruptly, im guessing this is to give you more time to switch fretting positions? Obviously you'll get quicker with this as you practice more, but it affects the fluidity of the song, makes it sounda little blocky.

Great start though, the licks seemed mostly in time and up to speed, just need to work on changing positions.
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Thanks for commenting on my canon cover.
Nice cover

good tone, pretty smooth for most of it, but i'd agree it's quite 'blocky'

Practice going from phrase to phrase smoother, with a little bit more practice you will have perfected it.