anyone know how to do this?
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well i'm assuming you know that Pi as a fraction is 22/7?
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well i'm assuming you know that Pi as a fraction is 22/7?

I hope to god you're being sarcastic.
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On the interval 0-360, it can be 60 or 120 degrees. Both give a value of 0.866, via CAST rule.

EDIT: To summarize:

Square root both sides, then sin t = (sqrt 3)/2

The 30 60 90 triangle has side lengths 1, sqrt 3, and 2, and by drawing it you can see that sin 60 will give (sqrt 3)/2.

CAST rule says that sin will be positive in quadrants 1 and 2, so we find that both 60 and 180-60 will give a value of (sqrt 3)/2.
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