Hey guys, I've been playin frettless bass for a bit and Ive heard a bit about quarter tones and like 24 and 72 equal temperament.
I was wondering If you guys knew how to play a quarter tone scale on bass or possible applications of quarter tones.
could never find a reliable source for it myself. I did find I like playing in between D and D# minor scales. especially around my friend with perfect pitch.
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I started investigating it about a year ago, but I gave up. This was the best stuff I could find back then


^^ Here's a more western style of music using them (I think..can someone confirm?)

EDIT : Their bassist's website has a little section talking about it

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There isn't really set scales that I know of specifically made of quartertones. There are arabic/egyptian scales that include quarter tones though.

I good book that I've been studying is the Preliminary Studies In The Virtual Pitch Continuum. It's an introduction to the 72-tone equal temperament, which includes some ear training CDs. You can check it out at the Boston Microtonal Society's website.

Edit: as the above post suggests, check out Jeroen Paul Thesseling, he's the guy that got me to take the plunge and study this stuff. An amazning bass player.
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The guitar forum recently had a long thread on microtonal music that really took on a life of its own, with a few contributors vociferously singing the praises of this esoteric and decidedly non-traditional form of music. Yes, it exists, and yes, there are undoubtedly people who believe it to be as valid as traditional western music. I personally contend that it is relegated to the realm of the obscure, as evidenced by the fact that most western musicians have little or no familiarity with it.

That having been said, here is the thread:

If this is your thing, I wish you the best of luck with it.
I see what you mean by microtonal use in Jeroen's playing. Ive been working on a tab for the anticosmic overload for the longest time, never thinking of of trying quarter tones.

Thanks for the help.