Well, I'm getting an Agile Les Paul soon and I'm looking to switch out the pups right away, and I need advice on pickups to replace it with.

First off, I need something relatively cheap. At most, 100$ per pickup. I'm looking for a neck pickup that can give a really warm, full, chunky and thick tone. Something almost muddy. I was thinking maybe Seymour Duncans, but I don't know which model from them or if they're really the best for it.
Then for the bridge, I'm looking for something that can give some really punchy trebly tones, and I'm really looking for something that can accentuate the mids.

I don't mind having different pickups for the neck and bridge if it means it will get the tones that I want, and although I'd prefer to get passive pickups, if it makes a difference I wouldn't mind getting active pups. I'm mostly going to be playing distorted, but I also want something that still sounds great clean.

So what do you think?
It's a crappy Epi Studio (the one that comes in the bundle packs) but I'm probably going to get a new amp soon (maybe a tube amp) and also, I'm going for a cheaper guitar rather than their more expensive models that have better pups so I can afford to get substantially better pickups that are more tailored to how I want them.
1. Get your amp first.
2. Try the tone.
3. Twist some knobs.
4. Then only ask UG for pickups when you know what you don't like about the tone.

You don't even know what your guitar sounds like through the amp. What if the pickups sound good enough on the amp?

Why waste money on pickups when you don't even know how the guitar'll sound like through your new amp.
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If you're hellbent on switching pickups before you try them out, I suggest a Seymour Duncan 59' for the neck. Sounds exactly like what you're wanting, I've got a Zebra coil 59' in the neck position on my Flying V.

EDIT: It's a muddy pickup on the bass strings but it sounds really smooth, warm and clean on anything else. Playing lead parts further up the neck is where this pickup really shines
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how good a pickup sounds is vastly limited by the guitar that it is in. Don't expect to put a set of high end pickups in the guitar and have it sound like a Gibson with the same pickups.

I'm not really sure why you want a muddy neck pickup though. you can find something that is warm and fat without being muddy. Almost any neck pickup is going to sound warm and full in the neck, but if you want something muddy and incoherent, then you might as well just stick with the stock pickups. The reason why we pay excessive amounts for neck pickups is to remove the mud.
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