Hey guys I plan on plugging my Pod X3 Live into a Harmon/Kardon AVR134 AMP (5.1 Channel AV Reveiver with Dolby 130W x 5, front USB input, HDMI Switching 3 in /1 out) and JBL Surround Cinema Speakers SCS 200.5 BK. 6 Piece with 100 Watt power sub-woofer.
If I do this and play through my Schecter C-1 Blackjack ATX, will the speakers get screwed ? Also, if I use Sennheiser HD515 Headphones through it at times, will they also get screwed ?
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thanks a lot but are you sure ? That is exactly what I told my friend but he told me that with his Zoom processor he has fried many many speakers in the past
Use the headphone jack to be safe. A PA system and a home audio system are two very different things.
You’re only going to fry the speakers if you crank the volume. Start with the volume really low, bring it up to a reasonable level, and don’t try pushing the limits of a home audio system.