I recently cobbled together this cable (pic below) by soldering a 1/4 inch plug to the end of some speaker wire I had lying around. I was hoping I would be able to use it to connect a recently purchased (i.e. this morning) amp head to the speakers in my combo, because I'm cheap and didn't want to (couldn't afford to) buy a cabinet. I figured I would just solder the leads at 1 end, attach faston plugs to the other (which I haven't attached yet since I bought the wrong size) and be done with it.

APPARENTLY NOT. When I did a test run through my little crate combo (plugged 1 end into the headphone jack and attached the other ends back to the speaker), something very interesting happened. The speaker worked... but only while there was only 1 end of the cable touching it. When I attached both, it refused to emit sound. I then plugged it into another headphone jack on a different amp and attached it to another speaker. This also did not produce sound while both were touching, but I didn't try with only 1 end. This does not make sense. I was under the impression that speaker cables used 2 leads and no ground, and the existence of this seemed to show that this would work. Both leads are soldered to the tip, or whichever tab isn't attached to the long part of the plug. Some help would be appreciated, as I saved for a while to buy this amp and don't particularly feel like blowing it up.
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Why don't you wire an input jack onto the speaker leads, then get a speaker cable and do that? That's what I'm doin' till I get my cab for Christmas.