CHeck it dawgs.

RSE sounds pretty damn good on this song, but if you use it set the volumes at the following levels -

Lead and Rhythm Guitars at 14
Extra Guitar at 16
Bass at 10
Drums at 13

And mute the Violin track.

C4C as always, your comment will affect the detail of my comment
Reaper of Souls.zip
Chorus could have been more brutal. Intro was groovy and heavy. Mid riff sounds like brutal, but also like synth track on a game. Chorus also sounds like synth track for some game.. Old game. Nice lead parts! Nice riffs for vocals. Good work! I liked your old school stuff! Not bad bridge either. Part 3 was decent, better with harmony.
Nice trash attack! Nice shred part ! Nice ending.

Ok, 9½/10. This was really, really good song! You rock!

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Sick work man. Reminds me of Vital Remains somewhat, with the evil sounding riffs of many varieties. And thats what the song is. A compilation of evil riffs, that transition well between each other. My favorite parts were Part 2 and Shred time!
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the intro riff sounds generic to me.
it doesn't attract me at all. it needs more power or aggression or something.
the same with the "chorus".
but both parts have great drum work.
as i didn't like the riff before, if found the variation of it boring.
the bridge to part 2 works ok. will sound good with vocals i guess.

part 2 was a lot different to part 1 (i'll label it part 1, since it came before part 2).
the phrasing of the solo was good, interesting harmonies/melodies etc.
-> pretty cool solo.
but the closed hihat (for example bar 56) doesn't sound good to me.
it sounds like the drummer hit them at random ignoring the time signature (random even if they're all 8th)
the old school riff was good.
but sometimes how you use the closed hihat doesn't fit in well.

part 3 is the best part imo.
i like the simple melody, as simple as part1 was, but not as empty.
but that thrash part wasn't bad either. d:
it has everything part 1 was lagging.
somehow i ended up finding the shred part gay. idk why, but well.
this is not something bad, i just dont like it.

part3 works ok as the last ass kick.

all in all, a solid song.
but i'd cut out part1, ruins the song imo.
start with part2...melodic riff and add a different outro, if you feel that the song is too short. d:

oh, and sorry for the late response. ♥
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Wow, all I have to say is I can tell by your flow you have quite a bit of experience.

So the intro, sorry this is the most unappealing part of the song. It's good, but from listening to the whole song you can do better.

Bar 9, here we go. Picking up...chord choice is great and then the lead is nice.

Bar 18, catchy but yet predictable if you know what I mean. This could be improved but it's still nice.

Bar 35, wow nice solo. This is really cool, it fits the song really well and still is pretty technical. The rhythm is kickass to!

Bar 71, cool riff, repeats a lot but, once again fits the song nicely.

Bar 92, the lead over it is awesome. Everything works great.

Bar 108, this hit me hard and is killer. Very cool, got me bobbing my head a little =D

Finally the outro, very nice. Thought out, sounds like a professional ending. Good job

Overall a SOLID 9/10. This is a great song, congratulations.

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