Ok So Im looking for an amp to do metal, hard or crunchy alternative rock along with some decent cleans. I can spend about 6-800 USD. Im open to heads and combo's but the head would need to be 600 to allow 200$ for a 2x12.
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Go for a full tube amp. You'll be much happier. Be warned though, its not easy to find a high gain tube amp suited for metal for $500 unless you go used.
Bugera 6260/6262 combo
Peavey 6505 combo (A bit muddy on the cleans)
Marshall JCM2000 DSL401 combo

Used Peavey 3120 with a decent cab

Though the combos should suit you quite well for Rock and classic Metal (think Judas Priest), the 3120 is great for most Extreme Metal. Really it's just a choice of what types of bands you want to eminate, Megadeth or Celtic Frost? The Scorpions or Necrophagist?