Fantastic sounding top end amp that is ram packed with features
4 channels that are individually voiced
The clean channel is stunning & equal to my fender blues deville
The amp Really comes into it's own when you crank the gain
very useful to have access to 3 different types of distortion

The amp was designed with the musician in mind & has a impedance checker & a cable tester on the rear of amp

This amp has been discontinued & is very hard to get hold of - It is only going to increase in value over the years.there is currently one for sale on ebay for £2200 & that is just the head on it's own - I spent an additional £400 on the flightcase & footswitch

The ENGL Savage Special Edition boasts a number of efficient features and operating modes: four channels, Clean, Crunch 1, Crunch 2 and Lead, which are assigned to two main channels, each featuring an individual voicing section. Four gain controls and a separate volume control for each channel allow for precision-tuning between channels. The Rough/Smooth mode selector for the Crunch 2 and Lead channels generates two completely different types of overdrive which produce two distinctive tonal variations: Rough for loads of upper-end grit and powerful bottom-end; Smooth for creamy mids with plenty of punch. This feature combined with the four channels lets you access six individual sound modes! Additionally, diverse switching functions allow you to shape the main channels' tonal characteristics to your taste. Furthermore, the two poweramp operating modes, Triode and Pentode, and the option of switching between two different speaker cabinets both enhance this amp's tonal spectrum. The poweramp's two voicing sections and two master volume controls have proven to be both practical and effective. These, along with the channels and a several other features, can be selected and accessed via the front panel, a footswitch or a MIDI switching system. By means of the ENGL MIDI Interface (optional), these features can be controlled via a MIDI pedal board and the settings for switching functions can be programmed in up to 99 memory locations. This amp also features a number of signal paths: a passive parallel/serial FX loop for each main channel or a switchable master FX loop, a variable balanced line out featuring speaker simulation and an overload LED, as well as selectable 4, 8 and 16 Z speaker outputs for numerous cabinet connection options. Yet another handy tool is the "ENGL Impedance Test and Cable Check System"; This unique feature helps you to check speakers´ impedances and cables equipped with 1/4" plugs. The integrated ECS (Emergency Circuit System) protects the amp from damage due to power tube defects/failure and allows the amp to continue to function at reduced power until the failed tube can be replaced. This model is discontinued and is now rare. It is powered by: v1-ECC83/7025 F.Q, v2/v3/v4/v5 -ECC83/12AX7 selected, v6-ECC83/12AX7 standard, V7, V8, V9, V10 -> 5881s or 6L6 GCs




Will trade for Diezel VH4

Please get in touch for more info/photo's


I've seen your amp up on Gumtree... If I wasn't saving for a custom right now, I'd buy it in a heart beat!

Free bump for you.
Damn. Oh well, best of luck!
Y hallo thar.
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Well, to get anywhere near 1 and a half, on my pay, would have to wait for about 3 months
. If I suddenly come into cash I will gladly let you know though, lol.
Y hallo thar.
Gear: Bogner XTC Classic, Suhr Carve Top, Gibson Santa Fe LP, a few nice pedals. All good fun =3
how does this differ from the normal savage>?
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Quote by alphasignal
how does this differ from the normal savage>?

The Savage uses 6550's and the SE uses either 6L6 or El 34's

The SE has a lot more features like reverb,seperate treble controls for ch1-2,can switch between cabs,has an impedance and cable checker on board.
The SE is smoother sounding & more of a versatile allrounder than the Savage.
interested in :
Diezel VH4
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Gibson ES335
Would you at all be interested in a gibson es135?
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Quote by jake_the_pake
Would you at all be interested in a gibson es135?

If it was a 335 i would bite your hand off.let me know if your interested in a cash deal