Monson Piranha

Handmade in Texas by master luthier Brent Monson.This guitar is the only one of it's kind in existence & was built to my specification

Beautiful hand selected walnut with some of the most exquisite figuring you will see
It really does need to be seen in the flesh to be fully appreciated
hand rubbed oil finish preserves the natural tone & looks incredible.

real head turner & every show that i have played it always generates lots of excitement & interest from people

But as we all know looks are not everything.....
However this guitar really does have it all & the tone is incredible,massive amounts of sustain,rich note definition,perfectly weighted & very comfortable to play

Custom goat's skull inlay at the 12 fret ensures proper devil summoning each time you play

This is a very,very reluctant sale as the guitar holds a lot of sentimental value
unfortunately that does not pay the bills - don't miss out on this rare opportunity


Body: Walnut/
Neck: Maple
fingerboard:ebony/24 frets
pick ups: Emg 81 85
Finishil rubbed
String through body constuction
Fitted Hardcase









Will consider trades

please get in touch for more info/full set of photo's
rick_carrington@hotmail.com - 07773884007
I agree with Matt, that guitar is a beauty, and if it's the only one out there, that makes it 20x as beautiful.
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Quote by Matt420740
You should be shot or hung for selling that

That said, how much are you asking?

I know Man,It was a very difficult decision that i thought long & hard about
It is just not getting the play time it deserves anymore.

It has been damn hard trying to put a price on it as it is a one off.

I'm thinking in the region of £1,500