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I remember there was a tab on here for the song "Unicorn-er"

That song is so incredibly awesome, so if anyone saved the tab, would you mind sharing?
I wouldn't think that this is an actual copyright infringement. If you reproduced copies of "the book" that might be copyright infringement. If you distribute a copy of the song that would be infringement. I think just the opposite, I think that the tabs produced by members are copyrightable themselves. I guess one would have to figure out what Hal Leonard pays to be able to transcribe music and sell it. Then again, Hal Leonard owns a copyright to publish the book. Meanig Hal Leonard owns the copyright to the tab book not the artist. The only thing that is not clear to me is, what does he pay the artist? Once again, I see no infringement as no one here is distributing a published work. Maybe I missed something in the copyright laws.
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I wouldn't think that this is an actual copyright infringement. blah blah blah Maybe I missed something in the copyright laws.

yes, you have missed some fundamental elements of modern copyright laws.

anyways, can someone pm me a collection of dethklok guitar pro tabs??
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I know UG still lists Dethklok tabs and I was wondering if anyone could send me the guitar pro (gp5) version of Skwisgaars Air guitar solo? Its the bit where he jumps off the plane and plays a whole bunch of arpeggios.

Thanks for your time
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hey could anyone maybe PM me the bass tabs to thunderhorse?

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StewieSwan said there might be a Dethklok book...Is there?? lol

Sorry if it's a dumb question, but I love the band.
i have the dethalbum ii tab book and find it very usefull, but theyre is so many guitar parts its hard to do covers
can i get skwisgaar's air solo, awaken, and i crush mt oppents balls
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If anyone can send me a guitar pro tab of Bloodlines, i would be very gratefull my email is on my profile
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could somoene please send me either the main theme tab or guitar pro (preferred) ?

I just sent you a message i have the guitar pro tab of it so send me your email and ill send it to you
why doesnt someone make some rundown google site or something and put the tabs there? then put the link to it in the sticky? they wont be to do anything
Anyone hit me up with a Lost Vikings and/or a Murmaider guitar pro tab? thanks.
Could someone Send me Murdertrain a Comin, the full song with guitar solo? Guitar Pro Six Would be awesome! But i aint asking for a miracle
In fact, if anyone got any of the Guitar Pro songs for Kill you, Murdertrain a Comin (complete with solo) Unicorner, crush my battle opponent's balls, and the Sky solo he plays while jumping from the hatredcopter, that would be amazing!
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I sense a dethklok tab book coming soon.

If I could throw this factor in there, what about metallica tabs? metallica has come out with countless tab books and they are one of the highest tabbed artist on the site. this really blows I wanted to play the dethbirthday song for my friend. worse day ever.
Well people buy the tab books then copy them onto the website. *Facepalm*
Very few people are motivated or bothered enough to transcribe them by themselves, leaving many underground artists without tabs on Ultimate Guitar, which is a shame.
anyone who has guitar pro and want dethklok tabs just email me at ill be happy to email them to you, and if all else fails go to, its the only site i know that has dethklok tabs, im currently in progress of transposing them into guitar pro
Anyone got tabs for the first 2 mini solos for Awaken?

I have the gp for it, but it doesn't include them. Same with songster
why should UG comply? in no way is it illegal to have tabs on songs. a band should not "own" tabs. bullshit
Realistically, artists DON'T have any right to tablature. What is posted on this site are individual's interpretations of songs and how to play them. Whether or not they copied it directly from a book has no bearing whatsoever on the post, since they can't prove that it wasn't someone sitting down and figuring it out note for note, who happened to play the notes in the same spot as the original artist. The same way that artists have no right to parodies made of their songs. It's like somebody drawing a face, Da Vinci saying you're infringing copyrights on the Mona Lisa.
stupid f*cking money grubbing corporations... they already have enough money i really wanted to learn Bloodrocuted and Birthday Dethday
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why not call the tabs 'deathclock' cant get sued for a parody
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I've been searching everywhere for the "The Hammer" Tab from Dethalbum III... obviously I didn't find anything
does anybody have it for GP?
Would be awesome if you could help..
So...are people still looking for the Dethklok tabs?! I DON'T have 'em... PM me if you need them. (This is NOT me winking twice...'cause I don't have 'em)

(PDF form BTW - Albums one and two is what I would have if I had them, which I don't)
I wrote a .gpx for Bloodlines some months ago and then figured out I couldn't upload it here. It doesn't have percussion or bass since I saw little point in finishing it but it should be pretty good otherwise, has all guitar work/solos with good accuracy, PM if you'd like it. Cheers
Do any of you wonderful, helpful, kind individuals still have the GP versions of dethalbum 1 and 3? If so, i'll trade you my soul for a copy!
If anybody has Tabs to Starved or Biological Warfare off of their new album, that'd be sweet! Or any tab from any of their albums for that matter, don't even care haha I just want to play them
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