Is anyone else going to admit they read the Dan Brown books/ enjoy the movies? I know I do. Although I found the ending of the latest novel, Lost Symbol, to be unsatisfying. And I don't really like the portrayal of Robert Langdon in the movies. But when you look past the little flaws, it's really a great story, and surprisingly well-written.
Even if you hate The Da Vinci Code, I want to hear your opinion.
I'm banned from reading it.
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The writing style is that of a 14-year old. He could also have done some sodding research, the Smart car scene in Paris springs to mind.
I don't think Tom Hanks is a good Robert Langdon. He was better in Angels n Demons, but his DaVinci portrayal was bad.

Peter Solomon then takes Langdon to the Washington Monument, telling him that the Word that Mal'akh was seeking was actually in books such as the Bible, Koran, and Bhagavad Gita, and that the true Ancient Mystery is the realization that people are not God's subjects, but in fact possess the ability to be gods themselves.

He just can't stop himself from being fu
cking preachy, can he.

I hate the way Dan Brown claims that 99% of the content of his books are factual, it is so dishonest! The 99% of facts are usually based on ill founded myths that have historically been proven false!
I prefer the holy blood and the holy grail.

but seriously, I read the da vinci code and it was average at best. Plus I don't like how he just blatantly saw an interesting idea in another book and was like 'shit, I'm havin' that".
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saw the films, they were okay, even if some of the things in the books aren't right, and that the ending to the Lost Symbol was really crappy to say the least, I like them.


Films are a little bad compared to the books, but in my opinion the books are really good, though I think it went downhill a little after the Da Vinci Code, but I guess that is what happens to a lot of writers these days, they get hung up in the success of it, and start forcing themselves to write more on one subject, which takes away originality and takes away credibility sometimes because they give themselves tighter dead-lines..

Just like the Harry Potter books, the ending to the last book kinda sucked because J.K. Rowling was forced to keep Harry alive because of whiny Harry Potter-fanatics who didn't want to see him die, thus causing Rowling to throw away an idea that could have been gold for all we know, and made it anti-climactical...

Writers need to be left free in their work, not pushed by general publics and what they want to read