another thread about strings/gauge

I use a 5 string bass, that I play with fingers and with mediator, but no slap => I'm looking for a heavy gauge, I find it better to play tight rythms and to avoid buzz.
My bass is tuned in A => heavy gauge again.

from what i read in other thread, I should get at least a 135 gauge (probably even 140 or 145).

Many people recommanded me some elixir strings, but they only go up to 130 :-(
Are there any brands that do strings relly suited for low tuning??

I'd like some experiences, I don't have enough money to try 5-6 brands/gauge, having a few recommandation would be really nice to avoid beeing stuck with sucky strings for a few months (like I am now ^^)
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You are correct. Most 5-string bass string sets top out at .130. D'Addario makes a 5-string set with a .135 "B" string. It is the EPS160-5 set. I am not a fan of D'Addario strings, but a great many people swear by them. Give them a try.
I use d'addario nickelwounds, with the B at .135. They're REALLY bright at first, but they have a great sound once you break them in a bit. It takes low A quite well, it's just a medium gauge.

Elixers aren't worth it anyways (possible flameshield)

a lot of people swear by these It's in aussie dollars, but you get the idea.