I don't have around here much, mostly cuz I hate critiquing writing. Anyway...

When your movements have reached bare minimum
And it takes all your strength just to breathe
Too little ain't too bad, too much ain't to good
It's all I need
It's all I need from you

And it hurts to much to move
Believe me nothing can soothe
Me but some rest
It's all a test
And I'll survive
And I'm alive

When you're feeling cold
And you're getting cold
Time is a thing of the past
When you're finally sick
Of the same old s
Time is a thing of the past

I've slowed down
Go on without me
I've slowed down
You're a blur and
I can barely seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

(3 guitars solo at once)

When you come through the space to fast
Covered in broken glass
Bleeding, this chance is your last
Time is a thing of the past
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sounds pretty good (I can't write lyrics to save my life. I just play music and if I like it I write it down and make a song without lyrics)