Hello. I've recently posted a few tabs for Them Crooked Vultures in the tab section, and it seems one user (for some reason I don't know) has rated all my tabs a 1 star. He's also visited my profile and rated my other tabs for other artists 1 star. He claims the tabs are "not like the Youtube videos". I've tried blocking him, but he is still giving my tabs a poor rating. Is there any way for me to report this user?

Also, I'm pretty sure the account he made is a fake because it was made a few days ago, and it seems he only signs in to rate my tabs badly.

UG considers ratings abuse is a very serious matter. Please send a Private Message to emad
He'll be able to remove the abusive ratings and deal appropriately with this user.

Thank you for using the proper discretion, not mentioning any names in public.
Matters like this are best dealt with privately.

When you send the PM to emad, give him any additional details you might have.
It sounds as if this person may have had a previous UG account.
If the original account can be identified, that account will also be banned.

I'm sure this issue can be resolved quickly.
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