Hi to everyone, i'm going to buy a new guitar, i'm undecided between the guitars in the title.
Some of you have it, and can say if it's good or not? I need most of all a good reliable guitar i'm don't care if the pickups are not the best, the important for me is a good quality guitar body and neck, do you think this guitars are good for what i'm searching for? thanksss
dont bother with any 100 series ESP/LTD guitar, thats the lowest end they sell....at least look at a 250, or if you can a 400 - better wood, electronics, etc... Im not a Cort guy so I cant comment on those

what do you play
whats your budget
whats your amp

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I'm learning playing guitar, i play since 1 year, actually i have a squier, but it doesn't satisfy me, it have some problem on the fret, using it the fret are fold, i think the metal which it is made of is too soft (i don't know if i have wrote well )...

So i'm searching for a guitar, made of good material, it doesn't matter if the pickups are not very good (but not too bad like the squire one please!! ), i have a budget of 300€ and i have a little amp (Roland Micro Cube 15 w i think)...

Do you think there something better for me?