Hey fellow UGers (thanks -NOFX-), I use a US Strat and an Epi 335 Dot and desperately need a new amp as my Line 6 Spider 2 is no good to me anymore. Just wondered if any of you crazy cats had a recommendation?

I'm after something that has a reverb control, EQ and master. Not fussed about a distortion channel but wouldn't say no. Nothing digital if we can help it.

It's for blues, rock, pop, metal styles. Any suggestions?

REVISION: Budget is 1000, wouldn't mind a bit to spend on pedals. It will be for gigging quite regularly.
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The term is UGers

And what's your budget?
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Will you be gigging?
Willing to go used?


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check out any small tube combo's in the 5watt to 30watt range.

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Don't know your budget, but if you want cleans:

Fender Blues Jr.
Fender Hot Rod Deluxe

Those aren't too expensive.
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budget would be really helpful
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blues deluxe > hot rod deluxe
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