I'm trying to learn this:

at about 5 seconds in

And it sucks I've been playing almost 4 years and I haven't ever practiced my tremolo picking.

The first tremolo notes go from 6 on one string to 6 on the other. When I'm going fast I keep hitting both by accident (since I bar the 6th fret). How can I fix this? I've seen covers and they do it like this also.

But my main issue is going up to speed. I just need the right technique. For tremolo picking like this, do I just move my wrist? My whole hand? Or what?
Does it matter if I rest my palm on the bridge?
Any help would be appreciated.
Tremolo picking is just alt picking but faster. You should pick exactly the same way you do when you alternate pick. Just practice building your alt picking speed.
its all in the wrist

if you wanna practice some tremolo picking try some amon amarth covers, they use it a lot but its not over the top and difficult to learn...then you can bust some white chapel

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Start with an easy-ish excersize like the Killing in the name solo, then try this, then try Eruption (teehee)

Billy Mays is definitely gonna give me nightmares now.

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Yeah give Amon Amarth a try, it's a bit easier and it'll really warm you up to tremolo picking.
Agreed with all the posts above. Resting your hand on the bridge shouldn't be a problem, it's easier for to do and it still sounds the same unless you mute the strings.
Quote by adam561

When I'm going fast I keep hitting both by accident

Based on this, it sounds like you're picking far too wide. Your pick should move no farther away from the string than it absolutely needs to.

Start slow to build this into your muscle memory.
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