I would really like to learn how to put custom songs on my Guitar Hero 3 for the ps2. I cannot mod my ps2. I have an Idea on how to put the songs on but, I ain't sure if it'll work.

couldn't I just download a custom chart someone else made, create a folder on my PC, put the downloaded chart into the folder. THEN put my GH3 disc in the drive, copy all of the data from the game, put that all in another folder, then find where all the charts in the game are, and copy the downloaded one into where the others are? then burn it all to a cd or dvd?

if not. what could I do? remember, I cannot mod my ps2.

any help would be nice
PS2 Has copyright protection.

Only way to play "pirated" games is too mod your PS2

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If you don't have the original, fat ps2 and you don't know how to mod the skinny one, then your out of luck
If you're really interested go browse the forums at www.scorehero.com im not sure how it works for PS2 but I know that you can get as many custom charts as you want for PC so youll have to do some forum browsing there.
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You'd probably get much better answers if you asked on a forum dedicated to that type of stuff. Last time I checked (which wasn't recently...) it's easy to sort of "mod" a slim PS2 to play burned games, but you need a Swap Magic disc. The mod just involves opening up your PS2 and taping a piece of paper or something, I think. No soldering or anything.
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i have done this

if youve got a fat ps2 i dont think modding is defiantely nessacary
if slim line a basic mod is needed and id advice getting swap magic as it makes life much simpler but isnt 100% needed

theres some good tutorials to make the discs as well but google will help you there

You NEED to mod your ps2 if you gonna do it. That or at least get a swap magic or something. You'll need to copy the data for GH3 on to your computer and then use a program to open that data and replace the song files with custom ones. Then you need to copy that data on to a blank DVD (which is why you need a modded ps2).

Check out the software section of the forums on Scorehero.com, they have a ton of tutorials on this sort of things.

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