Hey, basically i'm getting a new guitar for christmas and i wanted a les paul copy.

So i looked at the Epiphone les paul which i liked,

However i also tried Vintage V100 ICON Les Paul.

The vintage is only £230, whereas the Epiphone is around £400.

I dont mind paying the extra money, however is it worth getting the epiphone? Or is the vintage on parr with it.

Also if anyone could suggest a better les paul-esque guitar for around 400.

Did you think the Vintage was worth the £230, and do you think it was as good as the Epi?
You tried them both, so you kind of have to decide.
I personally would get the Vintage, but you might think the Epi is better.
Well thats the thing, i couldn't see a noticeable difference in them.
Just wanted to get someones else's perspective as im not very clued up on guitars!

The main thing i noticed was the tuners didn't feel as good as the epi's. But i can change these, right?
If you didn't notice a difference, then it seems clear that you should spend the £230 on the Vintage, and then an extra 90 quid for locking tuners.
thanks Joel, You couldn't name any other good les pauls copys could you?
I'v only had the chance to check out these two.
Tokai, Edwards, Burny, and Orville. For most of those though, you have to go second hand, and the prices are a bit...not-cheap. But they're all brilliant guitars.
Vintage eats any Epiphone
Ellis eats any Vintage
£299 for a brilliant copy with pro setup and hard case. Add a bit for whatever pickup upgrade you fancy and he'll do it for you. Or go custom like I'm doing soon and have what you want (like inlays, frets, hardware, finish, even a name on the headstock.)
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Epiphones have slightly better electronics than Vintage I believe, but I just got a V100 myself for £219 and spent £90 on a pair of seymours (On a US store because UK prices are ridiculous) so overall a nicer guitar for £90 less than the average list price for a comparative Epi LP Plus Top.
Prices all for new here. Might get one cheaper used but I didn't bother to look.

Even without an upgrade, I would recommend the Vintage because the difference is negligible.
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Thanks guys, i think i'm gonna go with the vintage!
Although im gonna put some different tuners on it.
Where's a good place to buy tuners?
http://www.axesrus.com and
Are cool, I'd try the first because they have a range of Wilkinson tuners, which have the best chance at fitting. I tried swapping my tuners for Grover Rotomatics and ended up having to drill the headstock holes wider to make them fit, but hey, you might be more comfortable with a drill than I was!

You could of course take it to a shop and have them change them, not sure how much that'd cost but I can't see the price being too scary..
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