A guitar teachers at my school is selling some pedals and im kinda interested however this is what the poster said

Crybaby wah pedal

Marshall distortion pedal

Marshall chorus pedal

£50 all in

what are these pedals likely to be because just cry baby wah doesnt help
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Wrong forum. Post this in GG&A, that's the place to go.

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my sig will shrink when people on UG stop saying sig worthy things

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also, get them and experiment
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As far as for the pedals; the crybabies are cool. Wah? Think voodo chile by intro.

Depending on what distortion pedal it is: If it's the Guv'Nor, then it's a cool pedal for the price. I couple it up with a Vox AC15CC1 and a Gibson Les Paul with these settings, and it sounds killer and a lot like "the marshall sound"

Gain Max
Bass 2
Deep 3.40
Treble 1
Mid 2
Volume 2:20

I didn't try the other Distortion, and the chorus is so-so.
if you can, i would try to get the teacher to bring the pedals with him to school and you should take a practice amp and test them out. if not, check out harmony-central. they've got reviews for everything (as you probably already know) and i'm pretty sure they have reviews of guitar effects pedals too.
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For 50 pounds how bad could they be? At best you just bought yourself some pedals to chuck into your guitar. And at worst you have 3 projectiles to throw at chavs or tommyt.