I was thinking about modding my MiM strat, but I've been seeing used americans go for 600-700, I figured I'm going to put $300 into my mim. Should I do that or save the cash and sell my MiM and get an american, if so why?
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Don't put $300 in the MIM. Just get an American one. It's not worth putting $300 in a guitar of that value. May be fun, tailored to your needs but you'll be putting money into a guitar which isn't going to help its resale value, whereas if you just got the American it will be worth more at the end of the day.

Also there is a big difference between MIM and MIA strats. Telecasters less so IMO but with the strats definitely. The neck's is more comfortable, the bridge is better, it sounds a lot better.

Then again why should you take my word for it, just go and play one. I did and was blown away, then bought it
The best bang for your buck, especially used, is the Highway 1 series. I've never played one I didn't like!
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I know a lot of people say there isn't much difference, but I completely disagree.

So many of the MIMs are offered with non-fender pick ups. There is a reason for that.

The American Standards are $899 this weekend. The HWY 1 guitars are $599. Consider either of those.

Nothing against MIM strats, I own a MIM tele and love it. But I'm more of an amp snob than guitar snob.
Greg, that's a killer deal on the Highway One. I love those guitars.

If you're planning on spending $300, you could probably save another $200 and watch Craigslist for a deal. I got an American Deluxe for $700, so deals do come along on American instruments.

And I agree that MIAs are generally higher quality than MIMs, but if you have an MIM that you're in love with, upgrading it, especially the pickups, can make a world a of difference. I still love my MIM strat.
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