Hi, i have recently bought a Cort KX1Q guitar. Everything is really good with the guitar but i have noticed one thing with the pickup. The output of the pickups have very low gain. When i play the same tone through other guitars it sounds so full of gain. But when i play on the Cort, the pickups really lack gain.
Now the pickups are EMG-HZ passive but i am not sure of the exact variant in the HZ series. I dont know if all the HZ-s sound like that. But i have tried a Cort EVL-Z4 with EMG-HZ pickups and it doesnt sound like having low gain output at all. Is there something wrong with my pickup? I hope i could explain my problem well.
I think you mean "fullness."

EMGs are notorious for having a thin sound.

Either that or you're trying to say that the pickups are quiet. Is the volume rolled up all the way?
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