So I'm in the market for a hollowbody/semihollow guitar and went to my local store to see whats what. The sales guy was pushing the Hamer brand pretty hard, and hes a pretty trustworthy guy from past experiences, I'm just wondering what the experience is out there for the non custom shop Hamer's.

I'm looking at this http://www.hamerguitars.com/?fa=detail&mid=402 specifically and it played really nice. I'm looking at either this, an Epi Casino, or an Epi Lucille but I can get the Hamer for a fair bit cheaper. Any advice, or maybe other guitar suggestions for that jingly twangy classic rock sound via hollow body?
As far as I know, the only decent Hamer products these days are from the domestic custom shop. The rest are a shell of a once great name.

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I have played and owned a lot of Hamer solid body guitars and they were all nice and worth the money. As far as the hollow / semi hollow bodied go I do not think I ever tried one but if they put the quality in them as they do their solid bodies it should be well made. I really think

Hamer is very underrated and overlooked

Hamers are very nice guitars with a long history of quality. I mean their Les Paul Jr copies from the 70s are quite legendary indeed. I wouldn't have a problem picking up the Echotone over a Epiphone, I think it's a good move.
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