been looking at getting my first tube amp been looking around and looking at getting a bugera head either the 6260 or the 333xl i play classic rock blues and metal are these heads any good ?????
The old Bugeras had lots of issues with reliability, but supposedly they've been fixed since then. They have solid tone though.
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Basicly, all Bugera heads are copies of big brand heads. The 1990 for example is a Marshall JCM 900. Most of the sound very, very much like the original. The downside to Bugera is that they often tend to break down, so don't get it if reliability is the deciding factor. For a good price/sound ratio, Bugera is the way to go.
hmmmm sounds really good and can pick it up for 289 sterling from local shop (ex demo stock)
Yes, they sound good.
No, they are not reliable.
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hmmmm sounds really good and can pick it up for 289 sterling from local shop (ex demo stock)

get the extended warranty.
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yea think the extended warranty might be a good idea but really liking the sound from these heads so far and their cheap which is a bonus lol
hmmmm even new only 316 british pounds for the 1990 think shall be spending xmas in the guitar shop lol
They are nice amps, just had some reliability issues early on. I work at a shop that sells the line new. I've had to send a couple 333 combos back for store stock repair. But the same goes for a Fender DRRI, Marshall DSL401 combo, etc.
I wondered why the frisbee was getting bigger, then it hit me.
I bought a 1990 as result of watching the videos on YT. I am now waiting on my 2nd replacement in 6 months. I like the way they sound, but you never know when it will stop. BTW the first 2 were dated 04/09.
does anyone know whats been going wrong with them are they blowing tubes etc ???
my 6262 is ace date code ''0802'' and it hasnt blown yet.... *touch wood* but yeh their tone-price ratio can not be beaten
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I tried different tubes and inspected every internal connection very closely, my guess is something is breaking down.
i love mine. I got a one year warranty (cost 50 bucks) so i'm set for a year.

Having said that, i haven't had any issues.
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They come with a free 1 year replacement warranty.

scottish You can use it with what ever cab you like, I heard the Bugera cabs are decent. I play mine through a Marshall JCM90 1960 Lead cab.
i am kinda worried about it breaking down on me so hoping the problems have been fixed now from what i heard the new ones have new transformers now and that was one big problem.

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All I know is mine were dated 04/09, thats only 7 months old at this point. I also thought the problems had been worked out. My hope is that when the third one shows up on Monday that it is from a different batch and maybe will holdup.