My favourites:

Dawn of the Dead (Johnny Cash - The Man Comes Around)

Watchmen (Bob Dylan - The Times They Are A-Changin')

Fight Club (Dust Brothers - Intro theme)

Post yours.
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I don't know about intro tunes but the bit on School of Rock with Metallica's cover of the Wait was one of the best bits of the film.
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The ones where they go zsszsshhhzhshhssssshhhhhhhCRASH
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Wasn't it the Bryan Adams one?
Noo, I'm tlaking about the Disney version.
Big Rock Candy Mountains- O Brother, Where Art Thou?
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Little Green Bag in Reservoir Dogs
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Godspeed You Black Emperor in 28 Days Later as the guys walking around deserted London
Sweet Emotion in the parking lot of Dazed and Confused
for whom the bell tolls-metallica in Zombieland. it's just epic. i had heard 2 acdc songs on the way to the theatre (i dont like acdc), and when i heard the bells i was all "Oh shit, not another one" then i heard the first notes and shat bricks. i was pleasantly surprised.

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I've Gotta agree. The opening credits for Watchmen are awesome!
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The soundtrack for Watchmen was terrible. I couldn't even pay attention to what was happening in the opening montage because my ears were in so much agony from the terrible noise.
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I loved Ghost Town by The Specials in the intro to Shaun of the Dead.
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Slumdog Millionaire (the Oh Saya bit, about 5 minutes in)
The Two Towers (LOTR)

The intro to "I'm Not There" I guess...granted the movie just confused the hell out of me with all the characters represnting different parts of Dylan's life.
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The intro to "I'm Not There" I guess...granted the movie just confused the hell out of me with all the characters represnting different parts of Dylan's life.

Rewatch it now that you've seen it once. Itll make more sense. =] I had somewhat of the same problem.

The intro music to Edward Scissorhands really sets the mood of the movie. Danny Elfman can do no wrong.