I've got a really crappy setup as far as my amp and every thing. Save your laughter until after:

My primary guitar is a Schecter Damien FR. I use an Ibanez Weeping Demon, a BOSS ML-2, and a BOSS RC-2 Loop Station for pedals. My amp is a Crate Flexwave Series FW120HS head on an Ibanez cab.

My sound is absolute shit. I'm not sure whether it'd be more beneficial to get a new amp head, new stack completely, a new guitar, or different pedals like a EQ or a compressor sustainer pedal. When I tried the Flexwave at Guitarcenter I loved it and it was cheap but I didn't have enough to buy it at the time. When I did I tried it out a second hand music store where it sounded great until I brought it home and the amp makes random effects whenever it wants to. I figure it's just faulty wiring. I needed a new pair of pants after I tried Mesa Boogie amps, but I wasn't crazy about how Marshell suited my tone. And Mesa is alittle outta my price range. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated :-)
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How much is your price range?
Do you need a stack? (gigging?)
How much do you reccon you could get for your stack and ml-2 used?

Amp is the first priority, you can upgrade your guitar later. If you think your tone sucks it will be most certainly be your amp that sucks (in this case that is).
sell your amp and MT-2. judging by your gear, i say get a valveking, an eq and a ehx metal muff

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Yeah I play mostly metal (Sevenfold, Trivium) but I need a good classic rock tone like the Doors or Beatles. I'm in love with my ML-2 because it lets me practice when my amp is at my drummer's house. I will be gigging soon so a stack is very helpful, should I just try to sell the head and get a new head?
No eternal reward will forgive us now for wasting the dawn. - Jim Morrison