Hello can someone explain what ive done here?
I have a rebel 4k bass.
I replaced the 2 pickups in the neck with seymour duncun Quarter Pounds leaving original pots in.
The bridge pickup i believe is a jazz pickup which ill also want to replace if anyone has ideas?
If anyone knows the rebel 4k can they explain what the knobs do and what pickups they control?
Im embarrassed to say as ive been playing almost 5 years with this bass and never really knew what they did lol just moved them till it sounded good.
They are terrible instruments, I hate to break it to you.

The first knob, the one furthest away from the neck, is the blend. It selects the pick-up you want. All the way to one side is the bridge pup on it's own, all the way on the other side is just the neck pick-up, and half way is a mixture of both.

The other two are volumes for each pick-up.
Quote by Casketcreep
They are terrible instruments, I hate to break it to you.

Other people who own them tend to disagree with you. They get fairly good reviews, and they seem like an excellent entry level bass.
so for my seymours which are in the neck i just need knob closest to neck turned up, middle knob down and last knob halfway?

Is it that bad an instrument do you not advise replacing other pickup at all?