This is something horrible
A chill you just cant ignore
A thought that words let fall to the floor

The attributed destruction
Of my re-recoginition of a memory
That left us all feeling sorry

And my conclusion of never paying, attention, to anything less than interesting

Bleeds a curse to these words
That i thought you heard all these years

A symbolic reinvention of our love
Thought lost to criticism but never
forgotten by the parties at play

And all id like to know, is what you have to say...
This flows quite nicely and seems to have very deep meaning to it (I kind of get it, but could you explain it a bit more for me? Haha sorry :P).

The last line is a great finisher for the poem, sounds very final but effective and I like it, wraps the whole thing up neatly.

It could use with a little bit more imagery because at the moment it's mainly just abstract thoughts without physical representation, some more metaphors/similes/personification could really help the reader imagine the poem as they read it. But that's just me being picky. It's pretty much fine as it is

Crit my piece "Oh, This English Weather"?
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