I have a Marshall Rocket special guitar, and all i want to do is rip out the tone pots, and stick the volume in the middle (a bit like the frankenstein guitar), it might sound like a useless mod, but i bought this guitar cheap so that i could practise guitar modding, ive done killswitches and stuff but i havent done anything to the pots yet.

Anyway, if you could make it as simple as posible, or make a little diagram i will be very pleased!

All you have to do is disconnect the tone pot. There should be one wire going to a prong on the volume pot and a ground attached directly to the back of the volume pot. Disconnect those two wires and you should be set.
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step 1: cut/ desolder any wires from the tone pots. (there should be one wire to the switch, and one ground wire each)

step 2: dismount the pots from the pickguard

step 3: re-mount the volume pot in the appropriate hole

edit: basically what he^ said. but I think you've got 2 tone pots in that guitar, right?
..just do it to both
yeah, no diagrams necessary.. just put the volume in the middle.
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