Poll: What Subway Bread???
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23 17%
Hearty Italian
26 19%
13 10%
Herbs and Cheese
52 39%
Honey Oat
9 7%
I have whatever..
6 4%
Eww subway..
6 4%
Voters: 135.
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Yes thats right, one of those YOU threads again..

So at Subway, what bread do you have??


poll coming..
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i eetz teh grammer bred
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Hmmm...depends on the sammich, but usually Italian, Italian herb & cheese, or Garlic.
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i dont use bread i have them eat wrap everything i want up in meat because they said i can have it my way









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You Forgot The Jalapeno Bread!!!!!
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ham cheese lettuce mayonaise and a hard boiled egg
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does the USA get more bread then us UK people?????
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Nice bum >.> <.<
The kind that comes from Quizno's
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italian herb and cheese.. i see there are quite a few classy people on ug besides myself.
Honey Oat is where it's at.
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thats about south africa tho...which isnt poor at all.
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Subway is actually one of the few places where I like Wheat. Secondary option is Italian Herb & Cheese
Whatever kind those delicious little pizzas are made out of.

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Honey Oat, all other choices are inferior choices
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I always get a 12 inch pork surprise.

Wait, you're talking about Subway the food place, not THE subway. Oops.
italian herb and cheese or jalapeno cheddar
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i eetz teh grammer bred

That was so bad I laughed.

Herb and cheese bread FTW.
Italian Herb and cheese and then a close Honey Oat. ^.^
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That was so bad I laughed.

Herb and cheese bread FTW.

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herb and cheese!

then honey oat, if its not one of these two then i am not eating subway
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