I just want to record guitar, bass and vocals over midi drums so I don't forget riffs and songs when i write them.

The interfaces i've been looking at so far are:
E-mu 0404 USB
Line 6 Gearbox Silver
Line 6 POD Studio UX1 and UX2
Tascam US114 MKII

What are you're opinions on these?
Which one do you think is best?
Are there any other interfaces in the same price range which you think would be better?

I ordered the Desktop Konnekt 6 from T.C. Electronic, its not too expensive, but it is a firewire audio interface.
Current gear:
Godin Freeway Classic
Roland Cube 20X
Line 6 Micro Spider
E-H Little Big Muff
Vox AmPlug AC30