Like a sledgehammer blow to the head
The heaviness of self-realization sets in
No return to the security you once spat upon
Caught on the run, nowhere to hide
Vices kept you bound to this siamese dream
You miss the blue-collar romance of small-town masochism
Maybe I didn't hit the mark
But you were damn near dead on your feet
Until you sold your carnivorous intellect
To the lesser of evils and dropped to your knees
The inferno that consumes unhinged ideals
Will pacify this seven year itch
But your peeping tom instincts
Will keep your eyes on the oasis that lies ahead
I've traversed the skyway a thousand miles wide...
Alive in the underground or frozen on the street
Constant cleansing is back on the grind
The cauterization of your phantom limb
Has a good shot at ending this charade
I think these were some pretty good lyrics, I could definitely see this as a metal song of some sort. One thing that really jumped out was "thousand miles". Cliche and unnecessary.