Hey guise, I am considering a few changes to my 5150 (block letter) head: Im going to get the bias mod most likely since I've heard relatively good things about it (and i have a guy to do it); however, the other idea I was toying with was swapping out a few on the 12ax7's, for a couple of lower gain tubes, maybe some 5751's, or an 12at7, to clean up the sound a bit and maybe put a bit more life into my clean channel.

I just wanted to ask if anyone has tried this with their 5150's and had any wisdom for me, which stages of the preamp should i swap for lower gain tubes (ive heard putting a 12at7 in the PI is a good choice), maybe tube selection/type advice? Thankss.
A 5751 is a fantastic tube for 5150/6505's. They have so much gain on tap with 12AX7's that a 5751 will make more of it usable while adding more overall clarity/smoothness.

I would go with a JAN-Philips 5751 and Penta 12AX7's. The 5751 is only really needed in V1, you can put regular 12AX7's in the rest of the gain spots. Best place to order: www.dougstubes.com

The bias mod is great, you'll really notice the tonal improvements it offers. It's a shame Peavey ships them so cold.